B R A I N S

Produced / Composed / Compiled by Marcelo Radulovich. Recorded at Red Tape Studios (Utrecht, Holland, 1994) / Hit Single (CA, 1999)
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Titles - Disc 1 : (listen to it at LastFM)
01. Lurdez
02. Hatch 2
03. Telaraña
04. Box 14
05. 7 Headless Horsepeople
06. Dos Cerebros 2
07. Box 131
08. Ute the Seductress
09. Do the Deed
10. Ya
11. Alpha & Beta Particles
12. An Isomorphism
13. The Tethered
14. La Résurrection
15. Hatch 1
16. Took Out Machine

Titles - Disc 2 (mp3) :

Section 1 [16.2 MG]
San Diego, 3/99
Cheung Chau, 9/95
London, 6/94
San Diego, 4/99
Hong Kong, 9/95
Kow Loon, 9/95
San Diego, 4/99
English Channel, 6/94

02. Section 2 [14.7 MG]
Paris, 5/94
Hong Kong to Cheung Chau, 9/95
Las Vegas, 5/98
Cheung Chau, 9/95
Dover, 6/94
Montmartre, 5/94
Hong Kong, 9/95
Santiago & Viña, Chile, 3/99

03. Section 3 [29.2 MG]
London, 6/94
Paris, 8/94
Santiago, Chile, 3/99
San Diego, 4/99
San Diego, 8/99
English Channel, 6/94
London, 6/94
Hong Kong, 9/95
Utrecht, Netherlands, 8/94
Montmartre, 5/94

Marcelo Radulovich's third album, '2 Brains', is a special two CD set. The first disc contains studio recordings of pieces composed, arranged and often all performed by the artist. The second disc is a collection of sound art pieces constructed from field recordings made by the artist over the past several years. Like his self-titled debut CD, (ALP003, 1994), which received airplay on over a hundred priority college stations, and its follow-up, To Lilliput & Back volume one (ALP007, 1996), which garnered much critical acclaim, this new work -a great deal of it recorded in Holland where he lived and collaborated with various artists- showcases Marcelo Radulovich's multi-instrumental, multi-faceted and multicultural approach to music or more precisely, manipulation of sound.

"...a wonderful noisey, complex demented album brimming with ideas..."
Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera

"Una de las grandes obras musicales de esta década."
Carlos Jauregui, Margen

"Wonderful stuff!"
John Zorn

"Two discs of the kind of low-fi sonic diaper-play that the world would be FAR better for, or better with or by or...whatever the preposition...'it would be leaps and bounds better if this stuff got PLAYED IN PUBLIC PLACES -and I don't mean just malls and supermarkets and baseball stadia, I mean street corners and fire stations and pissoirs at the beach and over crackling loudspeakers in garbage-strewn picnic areas in every state (and national) park and certainly the church, temple, ashram, or synagogue of your choice. And in Death Valley and the state of Connecticut NORTH OF BRIDGEPORT.

Played in such places so you would have to hear it. Thus improving forever the quality of your life. Or maybe not low-fi: low-definition. A lot of "details" are hard to access. You don't always know exactly what you're hearing in the way of words or even sources -where or whence the sounds are coming from...their ambient "context."

And sometimes low-fi -of lower qual, both technologically and auditorily, than has to be: lower on purpose. Which, to this critic's thinking, can't be beat as a "concept." What the hell would beat it?

Although maybe you don't WANT the world to be a better place...a shame, but it's your call...nobody's forcing you.
Richard Meltzer, SD Reader

"....The second album is completely different. It acts on an audio level the same way as a collection of holiday snaps do - it's a record of a life, of a passage through various points in our world at various moments in the life of the composer. Oh, yes, this sort of thing has been done before many times - location recordings juxtaposed and untreated, strung together and sold to the listener as 'Art'. JIM O'ROURKE's done it, BRUCE GILBERT's done it - hell, THE HAFLER TRIO are renouned for their location recording montages. But here, somehow, the artist has got it right. I listened to this happily, with a feeling that life was 'out there' beyond the dank dungeon walls of MJ's ex-Inquisition Reviewing Cell. It's kinda voyeuristic without being sleazy, vox pop without the mindless opinionating, memory associations for the composer only, but accessible, even welcoming to the consumer. Someone should tell all the others who think they're being original - it's been done, RADULOVICH did it - move on!"
Antony Burnham, Metamorphic Journeyman